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Uplink Computing Solutions (Uplink) is a for-profit technical services company, and as such, its content and services may not be used by or transfered to any third party without the express written permission of      Uplink’s ownership and management. You MAY use the support services published on this web site but        you may not use them for fiduciary benefit. You MAY republish these support services in full or in part,          but only with proper attribution in the form of a hyperlink to this web site, a written credit or both.

        Uplink offers its warranty on services prescribed in writing by an Uplink employee or performed by        an Uplink technician. Please use the free technical services at your own risk; we can assume no responsibility for technical services we did not expressly diagnose for, test and deploy.

At Uplink, we’ve been in the business long enough to know what works best for your home or office: real, dependable service.

We promise to arrive on time;

We promise to listen to your technical problems;

We promise to help you understand your systems so that you can support them yourself;

We promise to round down a time overage instead of round up (10 minutes or fewer over);

We promise to fix your technical problem within the estimated time frame;

We promise to courteously deliver, set up your hardware and train you;

We promise to bill you fairly instead of “by the incident” or “per repair”;

We promise to keep you notified and documented on every repair we perform;

We promise to find the solution that works best for you.


We guarantee all of our work to be free of defect in material and workmanship. Any solution that Uplink applies will be guaranteed free of defect for one year from the time of purchase. Any hardware solution prescribed in writing by Uplink shall carry the manufacturer’s warranty unless one is purchased separately from us. Any custom-built Uplink computer, server, pbx, security system, home theatre system or other custom-built solution carries our 3-Year Platinum Replacement Guarantee: down to the component level, any in-warranty replacements or service will cost nothing but shipping. In most cases, since we build ‘em, we also stock the replacement component, but to tell you the truth, we’ve never had to use it. Good to know it’s there, though.


One more thing: you will never be billed for a repeat solution. If the problem recurs or reappears within 30 calendar days, we’ll fix it, FREE!

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